Customer: “Can you offer a part marking service?”

Photofab: “Essentially yes, we can chemically etch the part number onto your part as they are etched”

Customer: “I have the parts in my hand, can you image them and chemically etch the detail?”

Photofab: “We could, but the part you have in your hand is made of plastic”

Customer: “Oh, I take it that you only chemically etch metals”

Photofab: “Yes, all metals essentially from 5um to 1.2mm.  Would you like us to make the part in metal with the part number chemically etched into it?”

Customer: “Would this produce a burred edge?”

Photofab: “No, all our products are burr free”

Customer: “Excellent, let’s make it in stainless steel”

An interesting conversation, certainly taught us that there is often potential t solve the problem if we think laterally, test us if you are unsure.