Photofab has recently been successfully audited by the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre to enable the supply of our services to the nuclear industry supply chain.

The Fit For Nuclear (F4N) programme is designed to help UK manufacturing companies measure their current operations against the standards required to supply the civil nuclear industry; and take the necessary steps to enter the market in new build, operations and decommissioning.

Successful assessment does not come easily; and only businesses that are very well run and that can demonstrate extremely high quality standards and documentation are certified “fit”.

Now that Photofabrication HAS been successfully certified, we are able to bid for a range of tenders within the nuclear sector that without prior F4N certification may have been difficult if not impossible for us to win. Equally, manufacturing businesses already part of the nuclear supply chain can now be assured that as part of their own due diligence when selecting new suppliers, Photofabrication has been successfully assessed as a high quality manufacturing supplier.

If your business is part of the nuclear industry supply chain or another precision technology sector which values and relies on efficient and highly accredited suppliers and you hadn’t considered using Photofabrication before, now is the time to get in touch and discuss your projects with us!

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