Photofab is delighted to be able to offer clients a coating finish, thought to be unique for photochemical machining service suppliers.

Emralon (GP-1904) is an ultra black, extremely non-reflective material, that can be applied to almost any metal surface.

We have found that typical applications, (so far at least!) include as a coating for fasteners, sliding rails, moving spacers, lock mechanisms, optical applications, latches and other various mechanism components.

Apart from offering an attractive, satiny, slightly tactile finish, there are mechanical benefits to applying Emralon to certain components:

Features Benefits
Satiny finish Attractive component appearance to
secure customer satisfaction
Low coefficient of friction Ability to meet lubrication requirements for
the component
Remains flexible over a wide range of
Application for a variety of environmental
performance requirements
Good release properties with a low
coefficient of friction
Ability to meet lubrication and assembly
requirements for the component and
Consistent and uniform dip spin or spray
application performance
Versatile application techniques to
minimize operation costs for application

Emralon coated materials are in effect self-lubricating, with a coefficient of friction of only 0.08 – 0.10 static; they can resist continual service temperatures of up to 149°C (300°F), and resist salt spray resistance >96 hours over zinc phosphated surface, 25 micron film thickness, in order to meet ASTM B 117 standards.

Emralon (GP-1904) is a dispersion of PTFE and graphite in a thermosetting binder designed to be applied by spray, brush, or dip. Emralon GP-1904 produces a low friction coating with excellent resistance to corrosion and solvents. The wide range of cure temperatures 149° to 260°C (300° to 500°F) allows Emralon GP-1904 to be used on wood, rubber and many plastics and on engineering metals. Emralon GP-1904 is a one package product and is not affected by low temperature storage conditions.

The unique combination of photochemical milling components, forming to drawing and applying a non reflective attractive Emralon finish allows Photofab to offer the complete solution in-house, without the need to slow delivery times due to subcontracting elements of the manufacturing process. Our service continues to provide consistent high quality, reliable performance and fast turnaround of product.

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