Thank You

1 July, 2016

A big thank you to everyone that showed an interest in our recent Photofab Newsletter. It does always amaze me how we all work with different companies and often do not realise what they actually do. Many replies were surprised we offer forming services, let alone tool making. When combined with the photo etching, laser cutting, […]

3D Simulation For Form Tooling

9 June, 2016

Photofabrication has developed a new, fully digital, process to design, test and manufacture forming tools. Historically, form tools would have been manufactured by a skilled tool-maker, on a trial and error basis. Working iteratively, the toolmaker would have needed to form the first blank and take detailed measurements; if incorrect, the toolmaker would have needed […]

2000 Stars Make RSC’s Swan Wing Shine Bright

Photofabrication has supplied 2,000 stainless steel stars for a permanent art installation at the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The piece, entitled, ‘For all Time’ is the creation of Brighton-based artist and designer, Steven Follen. Steven has worked with Photofabrication on projects in the past. He approached the chemical etching specialists […]

Digital Universal Tooling

8 June, 2016

Photofabrication has developed a simple process that enables the forming of certain sheet metal components through the use of a bespoke universal hard tool. Through this process, we are able to adjust to suit 0 – 180 degree bends as well as adjust to suit 0 – 100mm bend lengths (edge of part to required […]

Chemical Etching – Going Nuclear…

3 June, 2016

We have recently been working with the Fit 4 Nuclear association, this body is looking to put together the best manufacturing companies in the UK for projects in and around the Nuclear sector.  As you can imagine, this industry is not for the faint hearted.  Unless you can prove to external auditors that you not […]


20 May, 2016

So, we are all told that blogs are important to a website.  Helps you spread the word in a more informal way, do they work?  How many people actually read a blog and buy off the back of it? If used for a special offer, that could work.  If used to announce a ground breaking […]

Photofab Welcome 2 New Employees

13 May, 2016

A Warm Welcome New Account Manager Some may already be aware but one of our account managers (Kylee) is soon to be a mother.  We wish Kylee all the best through maternity and look forward to welcoming her back next year.  This has opened up the opportunity for a New Account Manager, Nikki.  Nikki has already […]

2015 Christmas Opening Times

1 December, 2015

Do you have a project you need completed before to Christmas? Be sure to get your finished etched components back in time… Depending on what service you require, our Christmas cut off dates are as follows: Service Last order date Standard Etched Item 18/12/15 Part Forming 14/12/15 Plating 11/12/15 Heat Treatment 11/12/15    

Non-hazardous Gold Etching Service

30 November, 2015

Photofab has launched another new service and is now offering chemical etching of gold. While this is not new within the PCM industry, our method is undertaken without the use of hazardous chemicals. The new technique uses an electrolytic rather than chemical etching process, typically utilising a simple saline solution as the electrolyte. Industrial demand […]

Fit 4 Nuclear

19 October, 2015

Photofab has recently been successfully audited by the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre to enable the supply of our services to the nuclear industry supply chain. The Fit For Nuclear (F4N) programme is designed to help UK manufacturing companies measure their current operations against the standards required to supply the civil nuclear industry; and take […]