Welcome to the New Site

4 June, 2014

The brand new website has landed, all the usual bits and bobs you would expect plus much improved navigation, opportunity for us to shout about the accreditations we have achieved, all of the manufacturing services we offer (not only etching, but chemically etched, formed, heat treated and plated parts, for example). Any  and all feedback would […]

Thank You George

20 March, 2014

So was it a good budget or bad budget?  Mixed reports so far as to who stands to benefit the most.  My request for all chemical etching to be VAT free seems to have been omitted, perhaps next time. One thing that came out of it was 1 pence off a pint, apparently in London […]

Technical Presentations – the way forward

19 February, 2014

Photofab Presentations – we are currently doing a circuit of fabulous design companies giving presentations to the designers of the future.  If you are interested in participating in a presentation please let us know. The response so far has been excellent, to quote one recipient “the level of detail and technical knowledge was perfect, nice to […]

Unique and Amazing

18 February, 2014

Have you seen there is a wedding show at Luton Hoo, amazing venue with amazing products.  There are some chemically etched metal invitations (stationery) from a company called Weddings by Creativetch.  Worth checking out if you are looking for something a bit special… By all means send us an email and we can send you […]

Another healthy commuter

4 February, 2014

Photofabrication tries to support all initiatives to be greener and healthier, further proof of this is Alex who has taken advantage of the cycle to work scheme and is moving from car driver to cyclist when it comes to the work journey. Alex is the tenth employee to utilise this scheme, may there be many […]

Well done Jane

15 January, 2014

Jane received her certificates through for a CIPD course recently completed, not an easy course and by tackling in one 12 month period showed some of Jane’s best qualities, including determination and a will to learn / succeed.  Well done and richly deserved:)


13 January, 2014

I wont spoil it for any Sherlock fans who did not catch the last episode of this series last night, but what a show!  Loving the way the writers have taken a fairly dated character and made it work, bring on the next series…

Happy New Year

5 January, 2014

Anyone made any resolutions this year?  Seems to be a mixture of opinions on them.  Some say that the 1st of January is a great way to start a new venture, resolution, etc whilst others feel that if it is something that you feel you should be doing or really want to be doing, why […]


18 December, 2013

So, this time next week it will be Christmas Day.  I really must get some Christmas cards organised, did consider photo etching stainless steel cards to really wow the recipient.  Imagine receiving a metal Christmas card, must make a note to do that next year.  For the time being, it may be an e-card!

Loving the housing solution

17 December, 2013

Loving the cube house, saw  it on amazing spaces recently and marvelled at the clever use of space.  Now really being recognised I see, £10k for the 3 storey property, now that’s what I call flat pack:) Not talking about the cricket!