100 million Euro’s?

3 September, 2013

I have a question, if you had 100 million Euros what would you buy?  One thing for sure, it wouldn’t be a footballer, absolutely ridiculous!  Rather than get on my soap box about grass roots football, smaller clubs going out of business, etc I am simply going to keep quiet.

Bank Holiday Week

30 August, 2013

Well we are at the end of the working week, what ever happened to those bank holiday weeks where things are quiet, you could get on with those admin tasks always put of because they were either never that important or appealing? This week has been crazy, the government keep telling us the economy is […]

Thickness Tolerances

14 August, 2013

Through much searching Photofabrication have managed to source stainless steel with exceptionally small thickness tolerances.  Many metal shims or metal spacers are manufactured through the chemical etching process, one of the key requirements can be the thickness as they are used to raise or lower components by a certain distance. Clearly any metal shim or metal […]

Part Marking?

25 July, 2013

Customer: “Can you offer a part marking service?” Photofab: “Essentially yes, we can chemically etch the part number onto your part as they are etched” Customer: “I have the parts in my hand, can you image them and chemically etch the detail?” Photofab: “We could, but the part you have in your hand is made […]

Interesting Medical Development

19 July, 2013

Recently contacted regarding a project for a medical instrument, an interesting item which had been in development for 12 months.  The designer / engineer visited Photofabrication, went on a process tour of the etching facilities and was very impressed.  This tour allowed us to explain exactly how photo etching would enable him to not only […]

Small World

10 July, 2013

Out and about today, enjoying the sunshine with my family in the Norfolk broads.  Went for a few mile walk then felt a spot of lunch and a drink were in order, went into the garden to enjoy the view and bumped into a customer who I met a few weeks ago regarding metal screening […]

A Garden Heliochronometer – July 2013

2 July, 2013

Here at Photofabrication we were approached by a Physicist (Martin Hogbin) looking to improve the accuracy of the garden sundial.  A fascinating project which evaluated the purpose of a sundial and all variables which cast a shadow of doubt over the time given. Through the chemical etching process Photofabrication etched Martin’s CAD designs into 1mm […]


26 June, 2013

There may be some who read this and are unaware of the decorative side to the etching services we offer, therefore to illustrate the service level we offer for metal business cards, metal invitations, metal labels, etc please see the kind words below: I just wanted to write and express my sincere thanks for the […]

Always good to impress

20 June, 2013

Here at Photofabrication we always like to receive feedback on the etched metal components we manufacture, an example of which is below: “You are the most competitive in every respect – time to quote, response to communication, component cost, art work cost, lead time. I worked with Photofab many years ago and was impressed then. […]

Testimonial – June 2013

Always nice to get good feedback, thought we’d share one to illustrate how we could be your key supplier: “Due to circumstances beyond our control, we needed a solution quickly.  Although we had never used Photofabrication before, they were keen to help and couldn’t have done more to resolve our issue. We were impressed with […]