Metal Business Cards

20 March, 2013

Got some excellent feedback on etched metal business cards, how the customer gave these cards out 2 years ago and they got a call from someone who did not have the need at the time but kept it anyway because being a metal card they looked so impressive. Food for thought?

Photo Etching Steel

15 March, 2013

Had an interesting query yesterday, a customer who ordered some prototype chemically etched stainless steel shims was asking if we knew anyone who could manufacture shims in hard and tempered carbon steel.  Now there was an easy one to solve, the customer thought you couldn’t etch metal which can rust. Still amazes me the number of […]

Encoder Discs

12 March, 2013

Do you know how many different types of encoder discs there are?  Was researching of late and many are photo etched / chemically milled due to the fine detail achievable through the process.  You can get linear etched encoders, round etched encoders, incremental etched encoders to name but a few. Their function down to the […]

Deer Cull

7 March, 2013

Apparently we need a deer cull in East Anglia, seems a shame but as long as the deer does not go to waste, absolutely love venison:)

Newmarket Races, some set up

6 March, 2013

Spent yesterday at Newmarket Racecourse, meeting some new contacts and a few seminar sessions.  First time I have been there and what a set up, very enjoyable day with some interesting people.  Jeff, I hope you do manage to get through to the Russians (private joke).

Beg your pardon

22 February, 2013

OK, sitting working away yesterday afternoon when I heard Sarah say “Good afternoon, can I speak to Santa” Forgot where I was for a minute, especially when it must have been put through to voice mail and Sarah continues “Message for Santa…” expected this to continue with “Writing my list, checking it twice…”

Very Enjoyable

21 February, 2013

A very nice evening spent yesterday, had dinner with Mike, Yannick and Dexter.  Although Dexter was pretty quiet!  Quite tasty though by all accounts…

Now that’s cold!

20 February, 2013

Record low temperatures have been recorded ina  village called Oymyakon in north east Russia, getting down to -67.8 Celsius! And we whinge about a few degrees below freezing…

Valentines, now there’s an idea…

14 February, 2013

Happy Valentines Day one and all, here’s a thought OK.  Every year (or most in some cases) you buy your partner flowers and chocolates, why not surprise then with an etched metal memento of your love for them?  Surely they will love it, so what are the pro’s and con’s? Pro’s – Unique, thoughtful, bespoke […]

More Snow

13 February, 2013

So we have more snow coming, lets have no panic.  All we need to do is following these steps: 1. Calmly get through the working day, 2. Make your way to the nearest pub with Sky Sports, 3. Order a beverage of choice. 4. Watch the Champions League match, 5. At this point all nervous […]