1st of the Month

1 February, 2011

Well, welcome one and all to February.  So we are already one month down and more importantly one month closer to lighter nights and hopefully some warmer weather – kind of getting bored of the cold and dark now!  Bring on the sunshine.


24 January, 2011

Well it was calculated that last Monday (17th) was the is the most depressing of the year due to a number of reasons.  To be honest that one didn’t seem to bad, spoken with a couple of people this morning (including the lady working in the petrol station) and they seem to believe the most […]

Being Positive

7 October, 2010

Following my last blog all day yesterday I took a positive attitude to everything. Starting from smiling and wishing an elderly lady good morning, not sure whether she was pleased or thought I was mental but hey ho. Leading onto seeing the positive side of a visitor being late for a meeting (gave me more […]

Being Positive

6 October, 2010

OK, new day and yes it is a bit wet and grey but this is good news for the ducks and all those who wish to test their new rain coat before winter is upon us. We are lucky in this country to have these opportunities. Walked the dogs this morning and whilst one doesn’t […]