Thank You

1 July, 2016

A big thank you to everyone that showed an interest in our recent Photofab Newsletter. It does always amaze me how we all work with different companies and often do not realise what they actually do. Many replies were surprised we offer forming services, let alone tool making. When combined with the photo etching, laser cutting, […]

Chemical Etching – Going Nuclear…

3 June, 2016

We have recently been working with the Fit 4 Nuclear association, this body is looking to put together the best manufacturing companies in the UK for projects in and around the Nuclear sector.  As you can imagine, this industry is not for the faint hearted.  Unless you can prove to external auditors that you not […]


20 May, 2016

So, we are all told that blogs are important to a website.  Helps you spread the word in a more informal way, do they work?  How many people actually read a blog and buy off the back of it? If used for a special offer, that could work.  If used to announce a ground breaking […]

Etching Titanium

23 June, 2015

A subject that many aerospace companies come to us with is, can you etch titanium? Titanium is a tricky metal to etch as it general requires some pretty dangerous chemicals to get through it. We have looked into it and found that we can laser cut titanium in a more cost effective way and without the […]

Photofab “Tour” Cambridge

8 June, 2015

Sunday saw two of the Photofab team take on the Gran Fondo cycling race in Cambridge.  In very warm conditions Alex and Mark successfully completed the 83 mile route. Both had great experiences with Mark qualifying for the World Championships!  For more details see We are all very proud of them both.

Photofab “lunch and learn” goes from strength to strength

3 June, 2015

The last two weeks has seen two members of our sales team visit two very impressive companies.  The aim was to make ourselves available on the clients site for Q&A sessions, or for clients to drop in and see how chemical etching can help them.  These companies had a head count of design engineers from 40 to 250. The […]


5 February, 2015

Look out for a very well written piece in the Eureka Ezine coming out in the next week or so, really gives a clear overview of Photo Chemical Milling and the benefits it provides. Once published it will be featured on our website so if you miss the Ezine there will still be a chance […]

Merry Christmas

24 December, 2014

Merry Christmas to one and all, and a very Happy New Year. Photofabrication will be closed during the festive break (for maintenance and commissioning a new piece of equipment), re-opening on Monday 5th January 2015.

Christmas Orders

16 December, 2014

A quick reminder (or nudge) to all, if you would like etched parts before Christmas it is time to start thinking about your requirements and letting us know. The investment in new equipment and intelligent processing techniques has increased our capacity, why not take advantage of this?

Careful Out There…

10 December, 2014

So we have a “weather bomb” heading towards us, low pressure squeezing between Scotland and Iceland. Essentially it will be wet and seriously windy. And after this passes we still do not have a white Christmas! I’d suggest using the time to stay indoors and review your photo etching needs, but then again I am […]