Windowless Aeroplane

10 November, 2014

I was reading an article over the weekend on how designers are looking at creating aeroplanes without any windows. Didn’t like the sound of that, as it would leave a metal shell (bit claustrophobic for me). However it was all one large window effect, using clever technology you would see the image of the sky, […]

Medical Industry Calls

15 October, 2014

We received an interesting request from a large organisation within the medical sector, I cannot give their name but the requirement was for 10 micron thick stainless steel connectors which were no more than 4mm in length was unusual.  These fine pieces required additional etched detail to fit the device they would be assembled into […]

Now that sounds nice…

30 September, 2014

Apparently summer on Uranus lasts 21 years, imagine 21 years of summer…would you get tired of it and miss the cold winter nights? Not sure I would either, mind you 21 years of summer is glass half full thinking, imagine the winter!  We often joke that chemically etched business cards are ideal for scraping ice […]

One Happy Family

23 September, 2014

So Scotland has decided we are better together, I’m not going to get political here (wrong place, wrong time).  What I would like to say is that seeing as we are better together a call to all Scottish companies, we are happy to chemically etch all types of component for any nationality; Welsh, English, Scottish, […]

University Calling

18 August, 2014

So we get a call from an Italian University, they have been trying to manufacture thin metal components with a fine etched aperture, within a tolerance of 20um. Various attempts made but without success. Following a number of conversations we managed to agree their needs and start chemically etching to their requirements. This happened a […]

Who Knew?

16 July, 2014

OK, pulling myself away for Chemical Etching News, or the Photo Etching Times and found out there was a “Shed of the Year” competition. How have I never come across this before? Looking at some of the finalists there was a working pub called Charlie Browns and oddly a green tea pot! Anyone wants the […]

Strong Performance

16 June, 2014

Fair play to England at the weekend, first game and they did at least try and play football.  Actually made you proud to be an England fan. Something which hasn’t happened for many an international tournament.  Let’s just see if they can maintain the belief, a performance like that and Uruguay won’t stand a chance:)

Welcome to the New Site

4 June, 2014

The brand new website has landed, all the usual bits and bobs you would expect plus much improved navigation, opportunity for us to shout about the accreditations we have achieved, all of the manufacturing services we offer (not only etching, but chemically etched, formed, heat treated and plated parts, for example). Any  and all feedback would […]

Thank You George

20 March, 2014

So was it a good budget or bad budget?  Mixed reports so far as to who stands to benefit the most.  My request for all chemical etching to be VAT free seems to have been omitted, perhaps next time. One thing that came out of it was 1 pence off a pint, apparently in London […]

Technical Presentations – the way forward

19 February, 2014

Photofab Presentations – we are currently doing a circuit of fabulous design companies giving presentations to the designers of the future.  If you are interested in participating in a presentation please let us know. The response so far has been excellent, to quote one recipient “the level of detail and technical knowledge was perfect, nice to […]