A bit nippy…

20 November, 2013

Well that would suggest winter is here, no frost round this way but that wind just cuts through you.  And they say it will get colder, must be a wimp…now where’s my onesie?

Bespoke Metal Parts

6 November, 2013

Amazing what a sign can  do!  Recently added the three words “Bespoke Metal Parts” to the front of the building and local residents who work in and around the St Neots area have been contacted us asking for quotes.  They have chemically etched needs for bespoke metal parts but did not know this is something […]


23 October, 2013

Designer calls in a few days ago, got this great idea for a chemically etched stainless steel lampshade.  Interesting thought, can you send us a drawing we answer.  A drawing, no you miss-understand, the idea is organic and evolving in my head. Several conversations later and drawing is received for a 3 dimensional steel lampshade, etched […]

Chemical Etching

15 October, 2013

We have had a number of questions lately on whether we are chemical etchers, photo etchers, chemical millers or photo fabricators?  All fair questions and to be honest we are all of the above, generally the terms are used interchangeably, therefore to confirm we offer the following: Chemical Etching Photo Etching Chemical Milling Photofabrication If […]

Wedding Stationary

4 October, 2013

Did you know you can get metal wedding stationary, finely etched to make your day something more unique.  The company is Weddings by Creativetch, http://www.weddingsbycreativetch.co.uk/ Worth checking out:)

That’s it, Summer is Over!

17 September, 2013

Where has the sun gone?  Yes we have had a prolonged summer and we probably all moaned about the hot weather at times but please bring it back! Cold mornings are fine for a week at Christmas when we can use our metal business cards to scrape the windscreen but I already miss the warm […]

100 million Euro’s?

3 September, 2013

I have a question, if you had 100 million Euros what would you buy?  One thing for sure, it wouldn’t be a footballer, absolutely ridiculous!  Rather than get on my soap box about grass roots football, smaller clubs going out of business, etc I am simply going to keep quiet.

Bank Holiday Week

30 August, 2013

Well we are at the end of the working week, what ever happened to those bank holiday weeks where things are quiet, you could get on with those admin tasks always put of because they were either never that important or appealing? This week has been crazy, the government keep telling us the economy is […]

Thickness Tolerances

14 August, 2013

Through much searching Photofabrication have managed to source stainless steel with exceptionally small thickness tolerances.  Many metal shims or metal spacers are manufactured through the chemical etching process, one of the key requirements can be the thickness as they are used to raise or lower components by a certain distance. Clearly any metal shim or metal […]

Part Marking?

25 July, 2013

Customer: “Can you offer a part marking service?” Photofab: “Essentially yes, we can chemically etch the part number onto your part as they are etched” Customer: “I have the parts in my hand, can you image them and chemically etch the detail?” Photofab: “We could, but the part you have in your hand is made […]