Interesting Medical Development

19 July, 2013

Recently contacted regarding a project for a medical instrument, an interesting item which had been in development for 12 months.  The designer / engineer visited Photofabrication, went on a process tour of the etching facilities and was very impressed.  This tour allowed us to explain exactly how photo etching would enable him to not only […]

Small World

10 July, 2013

Out and about today, enjoying the sunshine with my family in the Norfolk broads.  Went for a few mile walk then felt a spot of lunch and a drink were in order, went into the garden to enjoy the view and bumped into a customer who I met a few weeks ago regarding metal screening […]


26 June, 2013

There may be some who read this and are unaware of the decorative side to the etching services we offer, therefore to illustrate the service level we offer for metal business cards, metal invitations, metal labels, etc please see the kind words below: I just wanted to write and express my sincere thanks for the […]

Always good to impress

20 June, 2013

Here at Photofabrication we always like to receive feedback on the etched metal components we manufacture, an example of which is below: “You are the most competitive in every respect – time to quote, response to communication, component cost, art work cost, lead time. I worked with Photofab many years ago and was impressed then. […]

Etched Metal Washers

11 June, 2013

Doesn’t sound like the most exciting of topics but having supplied thickness critical etched metal washers for some of the cars racing in the F1 in Canada at the weekend and it suddenly becomes a bit more interesting.  The care and precision for the metal components is amazing, we even etched the part numbers and […]

That’s more like it

29 May, 2013

Spent a great weekend in the sunshine by the coast, used the time to explain to my in-laws the pros and cons of chemical milling.  Amazing how many day to day objects include chemically etched metal components, from keys on the ATM machine to electrical connectors. Sounds a bit geeky but was actually pretty interesting, […]

Road Trip

21 May, 2013

A certain Mr Ingram and I are hitting the road today, if anyone has any ideas for car games do get in touch.  Wonder if we will end up playing find a customer, essentially phoning numbers on the sides of trucks and seeing if they are interested in etched metal components, flat and formed don’t […]

Etched Wedding Items

14 May, 2013

Did you know that a big craze sweeping the nation is to have your wedding invitations etched out of stainless steel.  Makes a great first impression, but more than that means your wedding will be remembered more that your friends.  Sounds like a very competitive view but this is the feedback, wonder whether that is […]

Happy Labour Day

1 May, 2013

Just a quick message to the numerous customers we have in France, hope you are enjoying your public holiday and look forward to seeing more etched metal part enquiries upon your return. I would add some  French but it wouldn’t be pretty:)

Etched Metal Widgets

26 April, 2013

Don’t you just love it when you get an enquiry for etched “widgets”, I say that because one could easily see what the item was as it had a brand all over it but the drawing states etched “widget” so this is what we are making. Even a conversation about the etched widgets with the […]