Very Enjoyable

21 February, 2013

A very nice evening spent yesterday, had dinner with Mike, Yannick and Dexter.  Although Dexter was pretty quiet!  Quite tasty though by all accounts…

Now that’s cold!

20 February, 2013

Record low temperatures have been recorded ina  village called Oymyakon in north east Russia, getting down to -67.8 Celsius! And we whinge about a few degrees below freezing…

Valentines, now there’s an idea…

14 February, 2013

Happy Valentines Day one and all, here’s a thought OK.  Every year (or most in some cases) you buy your partner flowers and chocolates, why not surprise then with an etched metal memento of your love for them?  Surely they will love it, so what are the pro’s and con’s? Pro’s – Unique, thoughtful, bespoke […]

More Snow

13 February, 2013

So we have more snow coming, lets have no panic.  All we need to do is following these steps: 1. Calmly get through the working day, 2. Make your way to the nearest pub with Sky Sports, 3. Order a beverage of choice. 4. Watch the Champions League match, 5. At this point all nervous […]

Grand Slam here we come

11 February, 2013

Terrific performance from England at the weekend to grind out a result against Ireland, not the prettiest game but a win none the less.  Now for the French, why do you get the impression this will ne the game the French decide to turn up for?

Valentine Equality

8 February, 2013

Apparently the best place to be a lady at Valentines is Yorkshire, very generous gifts given by the man.  But is it all about the gift at Valentines day?  I know what you’re thinking, a soap box moment about the commercialism and it being about the love for ones partner.  Kind of I guess, but […]

Just like watching Brazil…

7 February, 2013

Well, you got to be pleased with that outcome.  Young England players, bit of pace, and a 2-1 victory over Brazil. Nice to be positive for a change:)

Black Coating

5 February, 2013

Trying to find a matt black coating for an application, PX3 looks a little “oily”, zinc and black passivated could be an option but is it black enough?  How about Xylan 1014, this could be an option, if anyone knows of any I am literally all ears.

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month

1 February, 2013

How can we be in February already?  Less than 11 months to Xmas, better start making a list…

Manufacturing Lift

30 January, 2013

I was listening to PMQ’s earlier (I know, what an exciting life I do lead) and the subject of manufacturing / training arose.  Each “leader” took their turn patting each other on the back for an increase in awareness of the shortages in engineers.  That is certainly applaudable, however can I suggest ploughing some money into […]