That’s more like it

29 May, 2013

Spent a great weekend in the sunshine by the coast, used the time to explain to my in-laws the pros and cons of chemical milling.  Amazing how many day to day objects include chemically etched metal components, from keys on the ATM machine to electrical connectors. Sounds a bit geeky but was actually pretty interesting, […]

Traveller Returns

16 May, 2011

Welcome back Paul, sounds like he had a wonderful time in America at Universal Studios and Disneyland.  He was even chased by a gator in his garden, now that’s mixing with the locals!

Say Hi to Goofy!

28 April, 2011

A quick Bon Voyage to Paul today, he is off to Disneyland with his family.  He says it’s just for the kids but to be honest, not so sure!

Cheddar Cheese

31 March, 2011

Back from a few days holiday in Somerset, whilst there visited the Cheddar Cheese Company.  Tried a fair few and my personal favourite was the Oak Aged Cheddar, took some back to the cottage and enjoyed along with a nice glass of red – marvelous!

Tom’s Gone Climbing

14 March, 2011

Short message to wish Tom (one of our Graphics team) a great holiday, he’s gone climbing in Spain – very nice!

Off to the Slopes

2 March, 2011

Last full day for a couple of our team before they head off Snowboarding in Bulgaria, a regular outing for them which thus far has not resulted in any broken bones.  Admittedly one of the guys went off the edge of a cliff (literally) and was saved by a tree which broke his fall! Let’s […]

Britains Capitals

22 February, 2011

Interesting weekend, within the Photofab team we had Lorraine visiting Edinburgh and Kylee visiting London.  If we could have planned this better Michelle could have gone to Cardiff and Sara to Belfast and we would have had all bases covered.  Perhaps next time!

Last Day before Aus

10 February, 2011

Today is Mike’s last day before flying off to Australia for three weeks in the sun, to say we are all jealous would be a huge understatement!  As you can imagine we are all jockeying for position in his luggage, have a great time Mike.


19 January, 2011

Paul has just returned from France on a Snowboarding trip, had a great time and only has a minor cut.  There washowever the need for paramedics, one guy fell and gashed his leg, 10 stitches required.  This was only 10 mins into the trip, such a shame for the lad.


9 December, 2010

Wonderful few days in Devon, the weather was magnificent with fresh sunny winter days and cold wrap up in the warm nights.  Clearly leading to a drop of the local brew (medicinal reasons) and comfort food – does it get much better than that?