Britains Capitals

22 February, 2011

Interesting weekend, within the Photofab team we had Lorraine visiting Edinburgh and Kylee visiting London.  If we could have planned this better Michelle could have gone to Cardiff and Sara to Belfast and we would have had all bases covered.  Perhaps next time!

Cool Jobs

18 February, 2011

Just found out that a colleagues brother is employed repairing base satellites, this involves being on call and travelling to various parts of the world (some being the remotest spots in Africa).  Where was the careers advisor on that one, all I got was “Stay at school, improve your education and then you may be […]

ISO14001 Realised – February 2011

14 February, 2011

Its official, Photofabrication are ISO14001 approved.  As a company Photofabrication prides itself on caring for the environment, both to ensure the company’s impact on the planet is minimised and by reducing energy consumption saving cost allowing prices to remain competitive.  A huge well done to the team who put this together.

Another Challenge

9 February, 2011

Following my post yesterday someone did provide us with a further challenge, this time more on the technical side by looking for Photofabrication to manufacture a very small contact out of beryllium copper.  This had a very complex forming operation which we utilised our universal tooling on followed by heat treatment to provide the spring […]

Making the Impossible Possible

8 February, 2011

OK, it is kind of a rip off of the BBC I-Player slogan but very apt in this case, given the challenge of making the graphic tooling and etching 30 stainless steel panels at 10am yesterday and shipping them by 5pm yesterday Photofab did the business.  We now have a very happy man who has […]

Best Wear a Mask

28 January, 2011

Looks like the lurgy has hit Photofab, most of the office are coughing or groaning through being ill and generally feeling rubbish.  Those that aren’t are hiding as best they can and doing as best they can to not catch anything – good luck to one and all!

Club Champion

26 January, 2011

Some excellent news, found out that for 2010 I am senior male champion at my local running club.  Quite a surprise given the quality of runners at the club.  My lovely supporting wife questioned whether I was the only one in that age category; nice to know you’ve always got that support!  Here’s to further […]


21 January, 2011

All day yesterday trying to figure out how we could manufacture 3 different parts, with varying depths of etch from the same sheet of metal to be cost effective.  Add to this apertures below metal thickness and tolerances of +&-20 microns and you have a conundrum.  Well, we got it late yesterday and the parts […]

Photofab Surfing Trip

20 January, 2011

Dates have now been released for the annual Photofab surfing trip, heading to Croyde for a weekend of sun and surfing, and the odd beverage I would imagine!  Usually about 5 of the team attend, getting details arranged at present.  Wonder if we could hang this on a visit to customers to show the wonderful […]

Various Updates

16 January, 2011

Busy weekend with a number of things to mention, Paul (our fearless operations director) has been off snowboarding in France, some say it is Switzerland but somewhere that way.  Neil (commercial director) has been trying to beak his body with competitive runs on Saturday and Sunday (plus trying to pacify the wife with a gym […]