Strong Performance

16 June, 2014

Fair play to England at the weekend, first game and they did at least try and play football.  Actually made you proud to be an England fan. Something which hasn’t happened for many an international tournament.  Let’s just see if they can maintain the belief, a performance like that and Uruguay won’t stand a chance:)


19 October, 2010

It’s Tuesday which means Paul will be getting ready to coach the next crop of English footballers tonight, let’s hope he gets an easier ride this week.


15 October, 2010

A wonderful effort by Paul with his son’s football coaching, he got left with throwing the ball for the kids to kick back. However having underestimated the inaccuracy of the kids kicking he got a very good work out fetching the ball. I believe Paul intends to continue doing this, good man Paul.

Move over Fabio!

13 October, 2010

A plea to Fabio to move over and let a real football coach take over and I have just the person. Step up Paul Rea, last night he took the first step to coaching his son’s football team with mixed results. A big well done to Paul, who a couple of years ago retired from […]