Stone Chips – What a Service

10 November, 2010

Well, they say at your convenience and how they will do everything for you if you get a stone chip.  No question, they were out by midday today and fixed it whilst at Photofabrication.  Hats off, this is the kind of customer service we offer at Photofabrication, good to see other companies also offering this […]

Stone Chips

Yesterday, driving back from Milton Keynes a stone flicked up and hit my windscreen.  Although it sounded more like a brick (slight exaggeration) it has only left a chip in my windscreen.  Time to test the boys (and girls) from Autoglass, claiming to come to a place convenient to you, etc, etc.  Shame we only […]

Getting to Work

22 September, 2010

The stable only has 5 horses today, and the car sharing scheme has changed slightly.  Mark drive Tom, yes I know what you’re thinking – what an exciting place!  Thought I would be late myself today, took the dogs for a walk and one of them saw a cat.  I say saw a cat, I should […]

Getting to Work

21 September, 2010

Good to see some car sharing being employed at Photofab, Mark and Tom are doing their bit to save the environment and a few pennies by car sharing.  It should be said that Mark would normally be cycling to work (20 miles each way) but the darker mornings make this a tad dangerous.  Who else […]