1st of the Month

1 February, 2011

Well, welcome one and all to February.  So we are already one month down and more importantly one month closer to lighter nights and hopefully some warmer weather – kind of getting bored of the cold and dark now!  Bring on the sunshine.


2 December, 2010

A good luck message to Steve this morning, our fearless driver who has headed off to the South coast to ensure that our customers do not run out of the chemically etched parts we guarantee they will have on time. I believe he packed his spade and a big flask, may be a long day.


29 November, 2010

Kylee flew off to sunnier climes on Saturday, looking at the weather we currently have and are forecast we can only be jealous of the mid twenties sunshine.  Ah well, Kylee will be missing the warm mug of tea and that bright red glow you get when you come in from the cold.

Wow – Proper Cold!

16 November, 2010

So, winter is definitely with us now.  Scraping the windscreen two days running is not a good sign, nor is a cat being spotted by your dog whilst the ground is slippery.  Almost ended up on my backside on numerous occasions. Beautiful sky this morning though, very clear and crisp.

Waterproof Coats

11 November, 2010

Am I the only one who thought a waterproof coat by its very nature should be waterproof?  Well if I am more fool me, however I suspect not.  Is it too much to ask for something to simply do what it says on the tin?  I found out this morning that my “waterproof” coat may […]


25 October, 2010

Wow, brass monkeys out there this morning. Plus someone who will remain nameless manually overrode the radiators in the office resulting in them not coming on this morning. Therefore if there are typing errors in this blog it is because I still have thick ski gloves on!


21 October, 2010

Looks like winter is with us now, car windscreen was frozen for the first time. Fortunately I had my chemically etched metal business card to hand which can be doubled up as a scraper (if you’re careful). Beats a CD case anyway.