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Photofabrication has a wide experience in the manufacture of high end decorative products for many applications. All custom designed to suit your requirements, whether you are hosting an event, looking to make an impression with a client or needing to put the finishing touch to piece of equipment with a metal name plate. The chemical milling process will allow you to not only etch through the metal to create the profile but also etch detail into the surface.

A further development at Photofabrication is the introduction of our additional finishes. We can now:

  • Apply a clear lacquer to the surface. This will prevent finger prints on your business cards or invites.
  • Infill with coloured paint. This can add a little extra colour to your product, perhaps a visual aid on an overlay.
  • Automated Black Paint Infill. Efficient and cost effective method of applying black paint to selected areas of you product.
  • Sublimation Printing. Ability to print an image or text onto the surface of your product. Examples include non identical information, photographs, company logos and much more.

Metal etching when the desired result is trying to achieve the “wow” factor can be difficult to put into words, therefore please take a look at the gallery below:



Photofabrication can manufacture almost anything you can design, the only real restriction is your creativity

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