Metal Filter & Metal MeshPhotofabrication has a wide experience in the manufacture of metal filters, meshes, screens and grids. Key requirements include high accuracy, fine apertures, no “breaks” in the bars and no burrs. Due to the bespoke nature of each user’s requirement Photofabrication offer solutions customized to your individual requirements.

Filters, meshes, grids and screens are typically used in a variety of environments. One may be trying to restrict large matter from passing through a pipe or separating specific substances during an experiment. The key requirements remain, and are all available from Photofabrication. The chemical etching process offers high precision parts, which have a burr free finish combined with low cost tooling.

Metal Mesh

Metal Filter

For bespoke metal filters, meshes, grids and screens the manufacturing technique of choice is Chemical Milling, let us illustrate this in more detail:

Main Benefits of Chemical Milling:

  • Low cost tooling
  • High accuracy
  • Customised parts – you design it – we make it! (Guidelines available)
  • Various apertures, shapes and bar combinations
  • Over 35 years experience in Photo etching metal filters, meshes, grids and screens
  • Burr free & Stress free manufacturing method
  • Prototypes – fast turnaround to meet your needs
  • High volume capabilities

Metal Mesh Sheets

Photofabrication’s metal filters, meshes, grids and spacers are made from various grades of metal depending on the requirement. With thickness of metal ranging from 10 micron to 1mm. To find out more about the metals available click here.

Design Guidelines for Chemical Etching:

  • Designs can be simple or complex and contain holes and bars of varying sizes and shapes. However the following rules need to be applied at the design stage:
  • The important rule to remember when designing your parts is that the smallest feature we can work with is 0.1mm (i.e. hole size / bar width), this is achievable in material with a thickness of 0.1mm or thinner. For materials thicker than 0.1mm we are able to produce holes and bars equal too or greater than material thickness.
  • Therefore if you require parts with bars of 0.3mm and holes of 0.2mm then we would need to use 0.2mm thick material or thinner to be able to successfully manufacture the part.
  • Alternatively if you need to use material in 0.25mm thick, the smallest feature we can work with is 0.25mm in size.
  • Parts can be made from a variety of materials & thicknesses and we are pleased to be able to offer post etching services – forming, heat treatment and plating of parts.

To find out more about the Photo Etching Process please either contact us on 01480 226699, or take “The Process Tour”.

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