Product-DevelopmentThe UK is one of the World leaders in design and development, product development has to move quicker than ever with time to market being one of the most important factors for every OEM.

Photofabrication help leading companies every day to reduce development lead times and costs. With the use of the Chemical Milling / Photo Etching process and our universal form tooling both piece part and tooling costs can be kept to a minimum allowing small volume development at very low cost. Full traceability of material and process control along with design / customer confidentiality give our customer the confidence to discuss their design requirements in detail.

Photofabrication offer flat parts in 5 days, with formed parts in 8 days these lead times can often be reduced to help companies on very tight schedules. The Chemical Milling / Photo Etching process allows customers to produce a variety of products of the same material and thickness on the same graphic tool. Further modifications to the initial design concepts are at reduced costs and very easy to carry out, this eases the development engineers concerns on cost and time when trying to “get the design right first time”.

Photofabrication offer the highest level of customer service, including a dedicated account manager, high precision components and industry leading lead times.

For Product Development the manufacturing technique of choice is Chemical Milling, let us illustrate this in more detail:

Main Benefits of Chemical Milling:

  • Low cost tooling, lower cost modifications
  • High accuracy
  • Customised parts – you design it – we make it! (Guidelines available)
  • Full product confidentiality and traceability
  • Mixed sheet, more than one design on the graphics tool
  • Prototypes – fast turnaround to meet your needs, flat 5 days, formed 8 days
  • The complete manufacture, formed, heat treated, plated, assembled
  • From development to production volumes
  • Various surface finishes available

Typical Products

  • Aerials
  • Apertures
  • Battery Contacts
  • Connectors
  • Contacts
  • Diaphragms
  • Elements
  • Encoders
  • Filters
  • Flat Springs
  • Formed Components
  • Gaskets & Seals
  • Grills
  • Instrumentation Dials
  • Instruments
  • Lids
  • Masks
  • Meshes
  • Plates
  • Screens
  • Screen Cans
  • Shims
  • Sieves
  • Spacers
  • Springs
  • Stencils
  • Surgical Blades
  • Washers
  • And many more

To find out more about the Photo Etching Process please either contact us on 01480 226699, or take “The Process Tour”.

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