Photofabrication has developed a simple process that enables the forming of certain sheet metal components through the use of a bespoke universal hard tool.

Through this process, we are able to adjust to suit 0 – 180 degree bends as well as adjust to suit 0 – 100mm bend lengths (edge of part to required bend). All adjustments are made through an integrated digital micrometre.

The benefits to our customers are numerous, the obvious being the significant time saving; enabling us to turn around form projects even more quickly. There are significant cost savings too; as there will be no need to create hard tooling for the forming.

Also, because of the methods employed, there is no need to use a skilled toolmaker to form the parts, an operator is able to do this on an operators rate. And yes, this saving IS passed on to our customers!

We have tested the process extensively, and have found it to be highly robust. Clearly for more complex formed parts, other more appropriate forming methods are employed by experienced tooling engineers.

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