Our forming department covers not only the bending of metal parts, but also complex tool making, soldering, spot welding, surface grinding, milling and turning. We specialise in both prototyping and production runs. This section details not only what Photofabrication can provide in terms of forming methods, but also the assembly, soldering, spot welding a grinding services.

Methods of Forming

Option 1 – Half Etch Fold Lines

We are able to etch lines into a part. These lines are only etched half way through the metal. By doing this, the metal can be bent.

  • There is no form tooling charge.
  • Ideal for simple angle bends.
  • The parts can be formed in house by us.
  • You can form the parts on site yourselves.
  • Least accurate method of forming.
  • More generous tolerances are normally required

Option 2 – Uni-Tool

Photofabrication have developed a “Uni-Tool”, which is an adaptable piece of hard tooling.

  • There is no form tooling charge.
  • Low part price
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Ideal for simple forming operations
  • Good for prototypes.
  • Good for runs of up to 200 parts.
  • Good for accuracy.

Option 3 – Knife and Forking Prototypes

This is a hard tooling method, which uses several more complicated pieces of universal tooling and can cope better with more complicated parts.

  • There is no form tooling charge.
  • Ideal for more intricate forming operations.
  • Good for prototypes.
  • Good for runs up to 200 parts.
  • Good for accuracy.

Option 4 – Hard Form Tooling

Hard tooling to fit one of the fly or toggle presses is made, which can only be used on one particular part.

  • This method incurs a form tooling charge – from £50 upwards.
  • Ideal for intricate forming operations.
  • Ideal for large quantities.
  • Very good for accuracy – generally to within +/- .1mm, subject to drawings

Soldering and Spot Welding

Photofabrication are able to solder and / or spot weld components, whether you require a seam soldered or two pieces spot welded together we can help.

General Toolroom Services

Photofabrication regularly provide precision surface grinding of metal, along with milling, turning, reaming, drilling and much more. If you have a need for a discipline not mentioned, please do contact us using the form below and ask.


Our capabilities of assembling diverse components, allows customers to reduce their supply base using Photofabrication’s logistical control team. We have a highly skilled team who will take your requirements, manufacture the components from raw materials, then assemble to your specifications.

If you want to ask us any questions or have us draw you up a sample quotation, please contact us on 01480 226699 or complete our contact form. Alternatively see what other photo etching services we can offer.

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