Quality Policy

This statement is issued on the authority of the Quality Manager and is approved by the Managing Director in order to define the Quality Policy of Photofabrication Ltd.

The Quality Policy of Photofabrication Ltd is:

  1. To ensure that the specified requirements of customers are fully understood and can be achieved.
  2. To supply products and services which satisfy formally specified and agreed requirements of the customer.
  3. To maintain and continuously seek to improve a Quality Management System which will satisfy the relevant National and International Quality requirements namely BS.EN.ISO 9001: 2015.
  4. To ensure that the Management System is fully integrated encompassing the Quality, Environmental and Occupation Health & Safety Policies and Systems.
  5. To promote cost effective Quality Management through quality improvement aimed at total quality cost reduction, using the “Right First Time” philosophy by improving staff performance, equipment, processes and technology. The Quality Management of the Company is controlled through UniPoint Quality Management software.
  6. Internal communications will be through written, verbal, electronic and presentations which ever is the most appropriate.
  7. Under the quality approval, the company does not undertake product design. This remains the responsibility of the customer. However, the customer does develop process, services and tooling on behalf of the customer.
  8. This policy applies to all company technical products and services under the scope of registration BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 “Manufacture of bespoke metal components through photo etching / chemical milling and metal finishing services, toolmaking and forming to specific customer requirements”.

Authorised by:
G. Riseley Quality Manager (17th July 2018)

Approved by:
N. Shorten Managing Director (17th July 2018)