Photofabrication have developed strong links with a reputable etching company in the Far East.  We have researched them and they have passed various tests for environmental, ethical, and employment practices.  We recognise the importance of our responsibility to only work with decent and honest companies.

This service allows us to offer you large volume manufacturing, at a fraction of the UK cost for the same quantities. As our customer using this service we would ensure you are not let down, if (due to unforeseen circumstances) your order is delayed we would manufacture parts at our UK facility. In addition this would provide peace of mind for you, and some would argue the best of both worlds.

This service works well for a number of reasons:

  • Reputable and Reliable Far East Company
  • Backed up by Photofabrication’s UK facilities
  • Etched components are generally small and fairly light, therefore the carriage costs are not prohibitive (and they can travel by air to save time)
  • Dedicated management of the Supply Chain within Photofabrication
  • Inspected by Photofabrication before being sent to you the customer

We have a number of customers who currently take advantage of this service, and the feedback is very positive:

“I was sceptical at first but the quality is fantastic.” G Cranston

“Having Photofabs UK facility as a back up encouraged me to try the Far East route, and I have not been let down.” L Pritchard

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