Whether you are looking for volume production in hundreds of thousands, a short production run or a one off prototype, Photofabrication has the answer.

The chemical milling, photo etching or chemical etching process is ideally suited to rapid prototyping as electronically generated files can be used to produce photo-tools which are then transferred to the surface of the metal. Changes in design are simple and rapidly made to files in house to allow manufacture of new components. Turnaround on our Super Rapid Service is from 24 hours.Case Study: Two rapid prototype components required, order received Friday pm, delivered following Monday am; half-etched for simple hand forming.

Short run productionshort-run-production
Case Study: 10000 Encoder discs were required for a company making incremental encoders; manufactured from 0.6 mm thick stainless steel, packed in units of 10.A short run can be the number of components that can be made from one sheet (nominally 300x500mm) up to several hundred sheets. The greater the number of sheets that can be processed for one job, the lower the price will be.

Volume production
Case Study: 20,000 formed screening cans required every week, plated brass, fitted into mobile communication equipment.Two modern manufacturing options are available for high volume production. You can choose to either use Photofabrications UK facilities which take advantage of innovative industry leading techniques or our Far East manufacturing facilities. Scheduled delivery Kanban and JIT options are available. Multi stage progression forming with low tooling costs keeps the component prices down.

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